Spatial Audio

Son.AR App [2019]

Developed for the 2019 Stavanger Biennial in Norway, in collaboration with Mote Studio and Art Republic.

An augmented reality spatial audio based navigation tool, bleanding synthetic and acoustic realities to assist navigation between the Biennial's Exhibition Spaces located throughout the city. 

Son.AR App will be presented at the IRCAM Forum 2020 at McGill University in Montreal.

SAnMIR [2020]

A collection of spatial audio based VCV Rack plugins. 

Presented during the Transmediale VCV Rack event in Berlin.

Spatial Audio in Max/MSP Workshop [2017]

Led a three-part lecture series and workshop about Binaural Spatial Audio techniques in Max/MSP programming environment.

i) Introduction to Spatial Audio and convolution with HRTFs in Max/MSP

ii) Creating motion with virtual sound objects via panning.

iii) Create virtual sound objects fixed to real world via head tracking.

Soundprint Archive [2013]

Ontario Arts Council Popular Recording Grant.

Awarded for the development of the SoundPrint Archive Project: captured and preserved the ‘acoustic blueprints’ of iconic North American ‘rave’ structures (via impulse response).